Anselm: Great Then, Great Now

If people today have heard of Anselm of Canterbury, it is most likely in association with the Ontological argument for God’s existence, which he helped to define and popularize.  But there is so much more to the man: his dedication to the Word, his perseverance, his theological contributions and his diplomacy in navigating the tumultuous waters that existed between the Vatican and England.  Anselm was principled and compassionate, desiring to see lives changed.


Reformation Heritage Books, in an attempt to introduce these historical giants to young readers has recently published Anselm of Canterbury, a helpful, artistic picture book covering some of the important moments and theological contributions of the great bishop.

The book is authored by Simonetta Carr, and I believe that she has done a solid job of researching the man, his challenges, and his convictions.  I, for one, love his wrestling with the incarnation of God and his conclusion.  Basically, our Holy God simply cannot overlook sin.  Our debt to Him is not going to go away, and worse, it is actually growing!  But if only God could provide a satisfactory atonement and only man should provide it-then the doctrine of the incarnation was the (now) obvious and only solution.

This book is targeted for young readers, probably ranging from 5-10 years of age.  I can see it being read in Sunday School classes, Christian School rooms, and for family devotions.  The pictures are pleasant, the prose is very readable, and the subject matter is intriguing..  I easily recommended this volume.


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