“Where within the reality of this world does the new life for the confessed Christian become real?”

Bonhoeffer asked that question in his first dissertation. I guess I use this blog as one tool to find the answer.

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  1. In re your good review of Kevin Swanson’s Apostate, you go deeper but not deep enough. The ULTIMATE problem is that only some instead of all men in the population are converted, and that our depravity is not annihilated until our glorification. The ONLY REAL answer is for God henceforth to save ALL the population and to save them FULLY now so that all men will NOW lead totally righteous lives. That is the ultimate cure. Anything else is surficial. NOBODY is willing to say this because it makes God look bad!! God’s plan of salvation is the only cure, but the problem is that this cure is only partial now and is only administered to some instead of all the population.

    Forrest Schultz

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