A Review of Berding’s Bible Revival

There has long been speculation that the mystery package, left unopened, in the film “Castaway” contained a satellite phone and matches.  If true, the entire outcome of the movie would have been altered.  For the Church, the same holds true.  We are, as it were, castaway to a land not our own.  Could it be that the contents of the package left to us holds the keys to our survival, and yet it remains unopened?

Bible Revival

The Bible is not just a book with some fun stories and antiquated rules.  It is the very Word of God, and contained within its content are the words to life.  And yet, personal devotion and pulpits across the land refuse to plumb its depths.  It was Spurgeon that once noted that due to neglect, there is enough dust accumulated one some our Bibles that we could spell the word “damnation” with our finger.  Ouch.

But it isn’t for a lack of effort.  At least not on the part of Professor Kenneth Berding.  He has recently authored a monograph called ‘Bible Revival’, that challenges all people at all stages of their spiritual journey to not neglect the Great Book.  His book is refreshing, littered with Scripture and sound reasoning.  His challenges are clear and life-transforming.  His approach is systematic and palatable.

Throughout the book, he offers his readers these short, pithy outlines to help digest the material.  For instance, he writes: 1. All things needed for life and godliness are HERE IN THE BIBLE. 2. All things needed for life and godliness are CLEAR IN THE BIBLE.  I affirm both of his points.  Later he will provide the reader with 5 principles (The Big Five) for understanding the Scriptures as well as 4 questions to help when applying a specific passage.

What comes through is Berding’s passion for the Word.  The reader gets the sense that he means business.  He discusses how the Word is central in his parenting and in his classroom, in his marriage and in his devotions.  He even offers some very practical steps to aid Bible memorization, steps that I have already started implementing.

This book is a must for every pastor’s library but should be read and applied by all.  His prose is easy enough for the novice believer with exhortations to challenge even the most mature students of the Word.  Young husbands, buy this book.  New moms, buy this book.  Missionaries and ministers, follow suit.  I need the Word.  We need the Word.  And we need it now.

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