A Review of The Third Day

I love the story of Christ. His life, His death, His resurrection, His ascension.  And as such, I never tire of hearing or reading it.  I love to read it in His word, I love to hear it preached in pulpits.  I enjoy watching movies and plays on the subject as well.  And now, I even like the comic book version.


The Good Book Company with artists Alex Webb-Peploe and Andre Parker have put together a high-quality, meaningful comic book that chronicles the last 3 days of the life of Christ, with words taken directly from Luke’s Gospel.  The intensity is there, the message is there, the passion is there, and most of all, the victory is there.

When my copy arrived in the mail, immediately my 10 and 12 year old boys wanted to take a peek.  Knowing that I was planning on doing a review, I let them have it for a couple of days to see what reaction I would get from the targeted demographic.  And they really got a kick out of it.  Maybe I have been blessed to have been saved at such a young age that I have practically created my own mental images of how the events may have gone down, that I for one, don’t really need a comic book to convey the message.  But my boys sure enjoyed it.  And if I understand the aim of the publishers, that is the goal.

With that experience in mind, I recommend the comic book for kids probably 8-13.  For the fact that they publishers didn’t fluff the images with make-believe dialogue, but rather 100% of the text comes directly from the Scriptures, I can recommend it for all.

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