Give the Market What the Market Wants

That is the premise behind the Oscar-winning film, Dallas Buyers Club and for that matter, every black market that has ever existed. Ever.

I have a demand and means, all I am missing is the supply.  Enter entrepreneur stage right who happens to have supply and ambition.  And when those mix it is a divinely inspired transaction.  The entrepreneur’s motivation is not important; maybe he is greedy, maybe he is altruistic.  What is important is that the market has needs and those needs will be met one way or another.

A team of free-market film makers, EconStories, that once produced the very entertaining “Fear the Boom and Bust” video is back at with the start of a new series, EconPop, which is described as “…the YouTube series that sifts through the haystack of popular culture to find the needle of economics within… and then stabs you with it!”  Ok, that sounds delightful.

Here is the first installment (well worth your 8 minutes):

I love how the guy in the comments section (when viewed from YouTube) declares that if we actually banned the FDC, then we would be dealing with the likes of Al Capone and Meyer Lansky.  The nice thing about those two goons was that at least they were honest about what motivated them: namely profits.  Let’s not forget that the government created Capone and Lansky when they outlawed alcohol.  Being “free-market” guys, they simply gave the market what the market wanted.

(HT to Norman Horn at

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