A Review of Carr’s ‘John Knox’

John Knox made history wholesale.  The Germans had Luther.  The French-speakers had Calvin.  But the English speakers had John Knox.  And here we are, 5 centuries later, still feeling the impact that he made on the Scotland and England.  Some people just try to make a scratch on the annals of history, Knox attacked it with blunt-force-trauma.


Author Simonetta Carr, in the Christian Biographies for Young Readers series, has taken the reader along for the ride that was this man’s life.  He faced isolation and promotion, fear and jubilation, death and satisfaction.  He was pastoral and theological and most of all, dedicated.

The book is a short read with meaningful images.  It can easily be read in one sitting, like a family worship time or in a Sunday School setting.  And if Christian Schools are looking for reading curriculum, this is an obvious and easy place to start.  It may come packaged as a ‘children’s book’, but I can’t envision a Christian that would not benefit from the story of the great reformer.  Ms. Carr has done the Body of Christ a tremendous service by producing this work, even if her muse provided more inspiration than would be typical.

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