Tribalism, Bikers & Abuse

A couple of years back, I wrote an article on this blog dealing with the issue of child abuse and how I believe Tribalism is inherently a better solution than the current model.  A reader took issue with my solutions, though we both agreed that the current model is broken/flawed/not working.

I have reread my article and the comments that followed and I stand by every word I said.  And today, I have watched a video, that in my mind validates everything that I was advocating.  The back story goes as follows:  the step-father was abusing a 10-year little girl for a number of years.  Eventually the mom believed the daughter and charges were filed.  But not soon enough because the years of abuse had produced a crippling fear in the girl.  To the point were she would shower fully-clothed.


Enter BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse), a group of bikers (read “Tribe”) that takes child abuse seriously.  So much so that 20 or so of them rolled up the this little girls house and held vigil until the abuser could be locked away.  They posted up members on the 4-corners of her property 24/7 and even escorted her to school and court.  When she was needed to testify against her step-father, BACA had members in the gallery to assure her that she was safe.  Did her tax-funded police department do anything like this?  Nope.  Did her tax-funded police department watch over her as she slept at night?  Nope.  Did her tax-funded police department do anything to alleviate the existential needs of this little girl?  Nope.  They do what they can, that is they investigate crimes AFTER THE FACT, but the police in fact, do not keep us safe.  But BACA does!

What a beautiful display of tribalism.  BACA is a group of people that voluntarily assemble to focus on a shared value (keep kids safe that are/were being abused).  It is a passion for them.  And as far as I can tell, they don’t charge a dime.  This little girl, now grown up and off to college, got her life back.  Not because the police came to her aid, but a tribe did, and in doing so, added to their tribe but winning the heart of this precious one.

Bravo BACA, keep up the good work.

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