The Enemy of my Enemy…

Left-leaning film-maker, Oliver Stone, spent some time this weekend hanging out with Libertarians.  But what does a leftist and the Libertarians have in common?  A few things actually.

  1. Disgust for the Republican Party
  2. Disdain for American Imperialism (see above)
  3. Desire to see an end to the ‘war on drugs’ (see above, above)

Stone is still way out there but he has a large following and a loud microphone.  When he uses it to rail against foreign wars and the spinelessness of the current Commander-in-Chief and failed drug laws, than I am glad to have him on the team.  When he supports Chavez and Castro, well, not so much.  Baby steps, but I will take them.

Stone and Mises
Jeremy Scahill (left) speaks with Oliver Stone (right) behind a portrait of economist of Ludwig von Mises (Photo: Chris Moody/Yahoo News)

The old left and libertarianism actually have much in common.  Whether Stone is rightly classified as ‘Old Left’ is a different matter altogether.  What I will say is, meetings like this will do much expose people to the virtues of freedom and the dangers of the current US foreign policy.

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