The Dangers of the Bookseller

That’s right.  You read that correctly.  The bookseller.  He is, after all, a vicious creature.

The bookseller is a very dangerous person, and every member of the community should guard against his blandishments. It is not that he will sell you too many books. He will probably not sell you half as many as are good for you. But he will sell you the wrong books….The bookseller must be circumvented, defeated, and crushed at any cost. He is too clever at trapping us in his narrow little cell. If a man wants to feel that the world is wide, and a good place to live in, he must be for ever and for ever sampling infinity. He must shun the books that he dearly wants to buy, and buy the books he would do anything to shun.

Sage advice from F.W. Boreham in his ‘Mushrooms on the Moor‘ essay entitled A Slice of Infinity.

(The irony that I insert a link to so that you will go get the book. OK, but just this once. And it is free, does that count for something?)

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