Schaeffer on Seminaries

Francis Schaeffer, from ‘He is There and He is not Silent’:

Christians have tended to despise the concept of philosophy. This has been one of the weaknesses of evangelical, orthodox Christianity — we have been proud in despising philosophy, and we have been exceedingly proud in despising the intellect. Our theological seminaries hardly ever relate their theology to philosophy, and specifically to the current philosophy. Thus, students go out from the theological seminaries not knowing how to relate Christianity to the surrounding world-view. It is not that they do not know the answers. My observation is that most students graduating from our theological seminaries do not know the questions.

As usual, Schaeffer’s diagnosis is spot on.  Rather than create real-world ministers, all to often evangelical seminaries are turning out theological nerds.  Nerds that know all of the answers, and yet, none of the questions.  And it should not be so.

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