When is Dog-fighting worse than Murder?

Quite often, actually.  At least if you play in the NFL.

Today marks the 3rd time in the last 15 years when an NFL player was found guilty of killing an innocent person while the player was driving and intoxicated.  And for his crime, Josh Brent, former D-Lineman for the Dallas Cowboys, was sentenced to 180 days in jail.  Not years.  Days.  A whopping 6 months for killing his friend and teammate.

Josh Brent

Which is 150 days LONGER than Donte Stallworth received when he killed a complete stranger.  He was also drunk.


But wait, there’s more.  Because Stallworth’s sentence was borderline draconian compared to what they gave Leonard Little.  He was only sentenced to 4 years of probation and 1000 hours of community service when he ran a red-light and killed a mom.  He was drunk.  He would be arrested a few years later for DUI, but again, only received probation.

Leonard Little

But Michael Vick, now that is a real criminal.  Though he didn’t kill a friend or a stranger or a mother…this guy had the audacity to fight his dogs.  ‘Off with his head!’  He would be sentenced to 23 months in a Federal Prison.  For dog fighting.

To put this in perspective.  Martha Stewart received 5 months for LYING TO A COP ABOUT A CRIME SHE WAS FOUND INNOCENT OF!!!!!

What a strange world we live in.  I am still confused how these 2 cops were found not guilty of murdering a homeless guy.  A strange world that, quite frankly, I would rather not have any part of.  Like the Apostle Paul stated, ‘for me, to live is Christ but to die is GAIN‘.  Amen.

Come Lord, come quickly.

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