A Review of ‘Why Christ Came’

Can a Christian really tire of studying the many reasons that our Christ came to live among us?  It is more likely that we would latch on to the top 3 or 4 reasons that appeal to us and our circumstances and simply neglect the countless other motivations.  “Why Christ Came” by Professor Beeke and Pastor Boekestein is a marvelous and needed work that provides the reader with 31, very palatable reasons for our Christ’s incarnation.

Why Christ Came

I read the book over the last month, taking one short chapter a day until I had completed the book.  This made for a nice addition to my devotional time and provided plenty of fodder to contemplate throughout the day.  It is easy(ier?) to contemplate the incarnation in the month of December, but in reality, this is the kind of book that can and should be enjoyed just as easily in April or any other month for that matter.  The incarnation is vitally important and really should not be relegated to Christmas where it can be lost in the chaos of the holiday.

My favorite chapter happens to be the 25th, which would be an awesome devotional thought if the reader happened to start the book on December 1st.  From ‘To Reign as King’, the authors write, “We need a human king.  If God ruled us directly, it would overwhelm us.  Even the seraphim, which are flames of pure spiritual fire, must cover their faces before His presence.  We need a shepherd who will walk with us in the valley of the shadow of death and carry us close to His heart.  Our king must have human hands to wipe tears from our eyes and a human soul to empathize with our grief.  That king is Jesus.”

This book is rather cosmopolitan.  It appeals to pastors and new believers alike.  It can help individuals and it can aid family devotionals.  The content appeals to the serious student while the brevity appeals to those that are busy.  It is laced with Scripture references but the format and prose reads smooth and natural.  An easy, obvious recommendation by this reviewer.


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