A Review of ‘Finally Free’ by Dr. Heath Lambert

Sadly, too many pulpits have stopped preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and have started preaching a gospel of moral conformity.  They are in fact, going the wrong way.  Current so-called ‘Christian Books’ are guilty of the same transgression.  The simple, timeless fact remains-the propagation of a moral code will not actually solve the world’s problems.  It may ease some of the symptoms, but it will not, because it cannot-solve the real problem.  That problem of course, is our separation from God as a result of our sin.  And it is in that motif that Heath Lambert offers his gift to the Body of Christ and to the world at large.  Do you desire to be from the stranglehold of pornography?  If so, you will not need statistics or anecdotes or biographical sketches of the harm that pornography has caused.  You need the Gospel and you need to understand how the Gospel alone possess the power to free you from porn’s vice-like grip.


Lambert states, “You can try to remove porn’s availability.  You can eliminate your time alone.  Yet you will still seek out porn if you desire it.  This is why Jesus and the good news of the gospel is the only sure hope for those who want to be free from porn.  Only Jesus has the power to change your heart desires, and he does this as you believe in his forgiving and transforming grace.”  Have truer words in this battle ever been penned?

Christians know they are losing.  The political climate is increasingly hostile to the cause of the Gospel.  The family institution has become a joke.  Moral rebellion seems to be the zeitgeist.  And all the while, we have been given the one weapon to cure it all-the Gospel, and yet it remains relatively ignored or repackaged in order to fill pew seats.  That is a tragedy.  Porn is suffocating the pulpits of our country and destroying families.  We need real help, and Prof. Lambert has provided exactly that.  ‘Finally Free’ is in fact a true, Gospel-centered approach to destroying the stronghold of porn addiction specifically and all addiction in general.

Christians love Saving Grace.  We get, we love it, we even share it.  But how many of us count on Transforming Grace to flow from that same fountain?  And that is what this book is about.  The Gospel is not just sufficient to save, but is also sufficient to transform as we journey to conform into the image of the one that saved us.  We need that message.  I need that message.  And I rejoice that Prof. Lambert has packaged that message in a meaningful, practical way.

This book is for anyone that is sick and tired of being sick and tired.  There is no doubt that pornography addiction is the intended target, but in a very real sense, serves only as the noun to many of these sentences.  Should your vice or addiction be food or money or power or drugs, this book offers the same practical steps and transforming prescription.  Because this book is designed to aid the reader in understanding what Christ has really completed on our behalf and how that impacts our day-to-day conduct, I emphatically recommend this book.


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