Why I no longer pledge allegiance to the flag

At least not to the flag of the United States of America.  It’s not because I hate the country.  It’s because my allegiance is already spread out pretty thin and I just don’t think I have much more to spare.

When I became a Christian, in essence I gave my allegiance to Christ.  When I married my wife, we exchanged vows of allegiance to each other.  As each of our children were born I made a commitment to care and provide for them.  As I mentioned in a previous post I offer my allegiance to our Bible Study Tribe.  And working from the bottom up my allegiance belongs to my extended family-wherever they reside, the church of which I am a member, and finally to the city in which we live.  But how much more allegiance is honestly expected of me?

If you ask me to choose between the US and Christ, I choose Christ.  I would do the same with my wife and the aforementioned examples.  Without exception.  As a matter of fact I can easily think of about a dozen things that are of more import to me than my US citizenship.

This is what it means to “go tribal”, that is to re-evaluate what is in fact important or valuable to you and what isn’t.  How many of us parrot the pledge and not even realize what words mean or imply?  “And to the Republic for which it stands”?  Many of you were probably under the assumption that our country was a democracy, when in fact it is not, but rather a republic.  “Indivisible”, now this one really bothers me since I fully endorse the right of secession by any state, community, and/or city (as is consistent with my tribal ethos).  Would it surprise the reader to know that Francis Bellamy (the author of the US pledge) was a socialist and the original salute was mirrored by the Nazis and thus changed to the current hand-over-the-heart in 1942?  History majors help me out here…or do they not teach this in class any longer?

You want to parrot the pledge, fine, if that is of value to you and your tribe than so be it.  But not for me.  My allegiance will grow from the most intimate outward, not the most abstract working backwards.

2 thoughts on “Why I no longer pledge allegiance to the flag

  1. this sort of makes me think about the whole ‘flags in churches’ issue … it’s always really bothered me to see American flags in churches, any flag for that matter.

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