Afternoon Reading

The sad part about this story is it appears the former pastor is more concerned with skin color than the Gospel.  By and large the most effective attacks on Christianity have come from within…no from the outside.

I talked with a guy at length about the inflationary policies of the Federal Reserve, but sadly he just didn’t believe me.  I wonder if printing $7,000,000,000,000 in greenbacks can constitute inflationary policies.  But what do I know?  I wonder what exactly the Dems are hoping to find in this investigation.  Until an actual audit of the Fed is completed, this will be much ado about nothing.

How do you know the president is allowed to kill you without a trial?  Because his lawyers said so, that’s how!  At some point you have to wonder if we would have just been better off under King George III.

I love to see this coming from Washington State.  If you believe in private property, than you can’t rightfully believe that people should be imprisoned for growing a plant in their backyard.  A plant.  That God made.  I have zero interest in smoking weed, and I have even less interest in throwing your @#$ in prison if you like to smoke weed.

Radley Balko is doing a great job of keeping our “public servants” accountable.  This guy is a real piece of work.  Probably about time to give Mike Mermel a lifetime achievement award.  Or the Nobel Peace Prize.  Something right?

My question is, will they have to show the jury the actual literature he is accused of trying to tamper the jury with?  How many more rights can the state take from this guy?


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